Back in the early 2000's (2001 to be percise), A game called Animal Crossing came out and I was amazed at this. Not for the gameplay (which was just fetch quests and so on), but the idea that the game is still "running" while the console is off. You actually had to wait for things to get done (Hey.. It was 2001. That was cool back then).

Master of Spies follows in that idea. The players are controllers for 1 of several spy agencies. They pay money for bids to make the spies in the game do their actions. Once the bidding is over, the spies will do what they were told to by the highest bidder.

The twist however is that they do it in real time. Thanks to various APIs, the movement of the spies are checked against all kinds of things and when a spy says they will be there in 4 hours and 23 mins, then they will be there at that time ( presuming that nothing happens to them along the way of course).

This is a game that isn't meant to be played sitting at the computer for hours at a time. You sign in, place your orders and bids and then sign off. You will get notified when your agent completes your task (presuming he accepted it of course) and you can sign back in for the next order.

Games last for a month starting on the first and ending on the last day of the month. At that time, the scores will be posted and braging rights (and prizes) will be distributed. The game costs nothing to play at this stage (Early access Alpha), but there will be a monthly charge in the future for each game you want to play when we move into Beta and beyond.

I hope you enjoy this game as much as I enjoyed making it,
Joseph J Bullock-Palser